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The UK has thousands of places to visit to enjoy the natural world.  However, how does anyone know if they have experiences that appeal to more than just the sense of sight.  Use our unique directory to find out which nature places have made an effort to awaken and stimulate the senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste. 

Just before you use the search box below, may I draw your attention to the fact that you can also share your own non-visual nature discoveries on the Submission Form page.  All contributions will be added to the directory for others to find.

To find somewhere to visit, enter a county in the ‘quick search’ box to get a list of nature places, then click on the name to discover what non-visual nature opportunities they have for you.

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The name of any place or site such as a nature reserve, countryside location, tourist attraction, formal gardens, landmark or landscape.
Nearest town or city
Any prerecorded or live spoken words; including audio description, commentary by a warden, keeper or guide, any displays with audio narration.
List any natural noise. Examples might include, the sound of a Waterfall, stream or waves. Bird calls such as from an owl, whistling ducks, crows, flocks of geese or flamingos. Animals such as a donkey or monkeys.
Natural tactile experiences such as live supervised, animal encounters (sheep, red panda, rabbets, horse riding). Plants. such as bamboo, tree bark or fruit. Items like bones or rocks.
Life-sized (or larger) models, such as lions, snakes, wolverines, wasps or ants. Scaled down models like a humped back whale, basking shark or emperor penguin. Any statues?
Any tactile maps or diagrams? Any Braille or other tactile information?
Fragrant flowers and leaves (roses, herbs etc.), salty sea air. State the best time of the year to discover.
For example, supervised foraging for edible berries, sea-weed, herbs etc. Particularly good café with local produce?
List any scale models, replicas or audio resources available to buy. Not always applicable, as many countryside locations don't offer souvenirs.
Are you a visitor, member of staff or volunteer at this nature place?
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