Bryan’s Quest  exists to explore how the natural world can be experienced without having to rely on the sense of sight.  Everyone, regardless of whether they can see or not, can use their other four senses to good effect to enjoy and learn more about nature.  Often however, there is a serious shortage of opportunity and a lack of understanding. Addressing this situation is the basis of the ‘quest’!

Here, you can find ‘sensational nature’ places to visit throughout the UK, you can follow Bryan’s activities as he pursues nature experiences and you can get yourself some WayAround Tag & Scan reusable labels.

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Where It All Began


 Enjoy a day out and get closer to nature. Find non-visual Nature experiences, by going to the Sensational Nature Access Knowledge Exchange, or S. N. A. K. E. – directory By entering a county in the quick search box you’ll be presented with results, listing nature places that have made an effort to offer sensory opportunities.  These might include tactile models, audio guides, personal tours, animal encounters, accessible maps, natural sounds, fragrances and many more.  Taste sensations will certainly be found in the numerous refreshment huts, restaurants and cafes.

Click HERE for the directory and start planning your day in the great outdoors.


Bryan demonstrates how he attempts, sometimes successfully, to plant things, grow things and explore the countryside. Bryan uses all his senses to enjoy what the natural world has to offer everyone.

His YouTube Channel is ‘called ‘Bryan’s Quest’. Why not share your own ideas, tips and tricks for enjoying nature or ask questions in the comments section for each episode.


Tactile maps, 3-D models and audio outputs are essential to give access to everyone who can not fully access printed information. Bryan’s Quest carries out research and development to meet the educational requirements for anyone who relies on touch and sound. These valuable resources can be deployed in education and leisure settings.


Download the free WayAround app, for ANDROID or IOS then get some ‘reusable labels‘ and you are ready to label virtually anything and everything.

Bryan wears his usual colourful wooly hat. He smiles and holds an armful of young broad bean plants.
You’re not quite hidden, Bryan !