A labelling innovation

Many people in the USA are raving about WayTags – these amazingly accessible labels will soon be available in the UK. Contact Bryan’s Quest for further information. Email: tvz@hotmail.co.uk


  1. Ron Peterson says:

    hello, new line name is Ron Peterson, I am blind and a nature enthusiast. I have been training to become a docent for a national wildlife refuge here in Southern California. I’m very interested in becoming a member of Bryan‘s quest, to share back-and-forth insights regarding non-visual, nature, awareness, and I am also very interested in the way tags that you mentioned as, this concept is part of my plan for my non-visual nature walks.
    I hope you can help me connect with your organization,
    Ron Peterson,

  2. Ron Peterson says:

    my name is Ron Peterson, I am a blind nature, enthusiast, and becoming a docent for a national wildlife refuge in California, and I plan to read a nature walk, emphasizing non-visual appreciation of nature.
    I’m interested in becoming connected with Bryan‘s class, and I am also very interested in learning about the way tanks, as I am investigating ways of marking different plants along the trail.
    I hope you can help,
    My phone number is 850814-0139.
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      I am really pleased to hear from you, Ron and to discover your plans for non-visual nature in Southern California. . I’m in South-#West England, one of the warmest places in the UK, but I guess your range of temperatures suits a massive range of florna and fauna. I’ll Email you about the WayTags system of labelling and we can investigate some ways of working together across the miles! So lovely of you to make contact. Best wishes. Andrew of Bryan’s Quest.

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